Serialization & Data Management: Industry Standards In Master Data Management And How To Best Implement Them

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This webinar is one of two webinars about data management requirements deriving from Serialization with focus on Europe and the United States. The webinars are structured around the theme "data in - data on - data out". 

This webinar is hosted by industry experts Heidi Vanheerwyngshels (Videojet), Tony Walsh (Walsh Consulting) and Christopher Doyle (Lansa Ltd).

Firstly, "Data In" is discussed:

  • Where the data comes from – where is it created and stored. 
  • What are the relevant standards of data management in serialization – especially Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM).
  • The differences between static and dynamic data.
  • How to best implement. 

Secondly, “Data On” is discussed:

  • How data is transmitted to the printer and printed as a DSCSA and FMD compliant code.
  • Which technologies to use on specific substrates - direct print or print and label. 
  • Other areas such as pack handling.

Benefits of watching this On Demand webinar

  1. A clearer understanding of the data management requirements of DSCSA and FMD.
  2. Focus on where the data comes from and how it is used in the serialization process.
  3. Helpful and practical tips on dealing with the challenges deriving from serialization implementation.
  4. Opportunity to ask live questions of very experienced speakers who can offer solutions and ideas.  

Challenges this webinar addresses:

This webinar addresses data management challenges that may arise with new serialization and Track & Trace programs, from data generation to point of application. 

Pharma & biotech professionals who should view this webinar: 

Project/Planning Managers, Engineering Managers, Production Managers, Quality Managers, Line Managers, Site Managers, CEO, Operations Manager.

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Christopher Doyle Healthcare Sector Consultant Lansa Ltd.
Heidi Vanheerswynghels Sales Manager Pharma Videojet Technologies
Anthony Walsh Principle Consultant Walsh Consulting