New industry report on how to build a smart lab:

New industry report on how to build a smart lab:

Big data, paperless processes, automation and integrated management solutions are creating smarter research environments. This is allowing scientists to optimise their data collection and analysis and improve productivity across their workflows.

However, a number of labs are still stuck with outdated and ineffective manual processes or disconnected systems.

In this report, we outline:

  • The biggest challenges currently facing the smart lab industry when it comes to laboratory informatics data management and systems visibility
  • How solution providers and pharma companies can act to overcome the challenges in data harmonisation
  • The current data harmonisation gaps and how can technology can be used to address this
  • How new systems implementation and smart technologies will impact data integrity
  • Top tips for ensuring data integrity and systems security whilst implementing advanced technologies

With exclusive insights from Pfizer, Novartis, the Pistoia Alliance, IDBS, ThermoFisher Scientific and Dassault Systemes, this report shows the steps you need to take to transition to the next level of lab productivity. Click on 'download' to view the full report. 

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