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What to Expect

Interactive Sessions

100% Interactive Agenda

Extensive research has told us that what our delegates value is interaction and knowledge sharing. So rather than give you two days of PowerPoint presentations, we have carefully crafted a unique agenda that allows you to capitalize on the knowledge of your peers, and fosters in depth discussions to formulate solutions to your most pressing challenges.

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

New Regulator Input:

While Andrew Fisher has still contributed to the conference by means of content on ‘inspection readiness’, this year we will also have regulatory insight from the Danish Medicines Authority in the form of Philip Lange Møller, Medicines Inspector, Danish Medicines Agency. That means we have input from 2 regulators

ISO Technical Committee

Live debate!

CRO vs Sponsor Managed TMF Hear a CRO representative and a pharma TMF lead debate their unique benefits, and stir the pot with your own questions and points!

Real Situation Analysis

Live Mock Inspection!

This is just one of the many exciting new interactive sessions that we do that others don’t.

Networking Opportunities

The WIDEST Range of Pharma representatives of any speaker panel!

Big pharma as well as SMEs!