Serialization 2/0 - Getting Prepared for the Future of Pharma Supply Chain Security

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011
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Serialization 2/0 - Getting Prepared for the Future of Pharma Supply Chain Security

Serialization as part of the battle on counterfeit drugs and supply chain security has been established in various ways over the last decade – at different levels of success for the industry investing in such measures. With legislation becoming effective in an increasing number of countries and multinational companies looking for universal ways of coding their individual products around the world, item level serialization is now ready for a next step.


Hans Bijl
Sr. Business Development Manager
Siemens' Industrial Automation Competence Centre

Hans Bijl is Sr. Business Development Manager at Siemens’ Industrial Automation Competence Centre Life Science, based Antwerp, Belgium. Over the last decade, he has been working in various fields in the Life Science arena, both in sales & marketing related assignments as well as number of dedicated projects (e.g. PAT/QbD, Continuous Manufacturing and Secure Tracking and Tracing)

From 2006 to 2008 he spent 2 years in Shanghai, China, building the local subsidiary of the Life Science Competence Centre, where he was able to capture the opportunities, challenges and  pitfalls of the world’s largest developing m pharma region from within.

Since his return to Europe, one of the assignments he picked up again is, on behalf of the Industry Division of Siemens, the corporate initiative around Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting measures and Supply Chain security, including serialization.

Hans has been a regular speaker at various conferences (e.g. ISPE), both in Asia and in Europe.

Alex Neutjens
Business Development Serialisation
Atos International