Serialisation Implementation Timeline

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Following the release of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive, the pharma market is in the process of becoming fully serialised ahead of 2018’s deadline.
Market players currently stand at different stages of the implementation process: Some yet to implement, some mid process and others at the final stages - sharpening their strategy.
All firms should aspire to execute a sustainable approach to serialisation, however the specific implementation strategy remains to be determined on a company-by-company basis.
Michael Kinsella Industrial Operations Deputy Director at Servier said: “Breaking the project into manageable sections and [having] a modular approach is the essential way to manage it and to not to forget about the long term costs of each module.”
“There are plenty of company decisions, not only industry decisions, about what kind of organisation will be required in each company. And this question can only really be answered by each company, because each company has a different type of supply chain or a different size or a different philosophy. So, there’s really a lot of work to be done on the strategy of the long term maintenance and ownership of this new profession in the pharmaceutical industry.”
In the absence of a one-size-fits all-approach, after consulting with industry experts, Pharma IQ proposes this framework for key milestones within a sustainable serialisation strategy - in which firms can choose customize in relevance to their requirements.
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