AI 2020: the global state of intelligent enterprise

This cross-sector report from explores the future landscape of intelligent enterprise, offering a deep-dive study into which sectors are set to benefit the most from artificial intelligence and why the perceived challenges are as numerous as they are diverse.

Pharma IQ

What does the intelligent enterprise of the future look like? How will pharma benefit from artificial intelligence? And how many pharma manufacturers are in the planning stages of their AI journey?

You may have seen our Biomanufacturing Market Report which looked at the trends and opportunities in biomanufacturing. This report contains valuable comparisons with other industries such as Defence, Customer Experience, and Energy. See which sectors are benefiting the most from artificial intelligence and what the future holds. 

Keen to stay on—or ahead of—the curve, many pharma organizations are looking to the latest intelligent enterprise (IE) tools to solve drug discovery challenges, increase productivity and benefit the bottom line.

Responsive leaders are looking for innovative ways to leverage tools such as intelligent automation, machine learning and predictive analytics, which are fast gaining momentum in the marketplace.

The message, for those who’ve chosen to listen, is loud and clear: the intelligence revolution is here - disrupt or be disrupted.

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