Clinically Relevant Drug Transporters Conference

Pharma IQ

Choosing which clinically relevant drug transporters to study is not straightforward.  Having said this, knowing which are necessary for regulatory approval and which are simply ‘nice to haves’ can save you time and money.  These tricky assessments will become even more complex with the emerging transporters recommended by the ITC this year, for early and late-phase testing. 

This September, over 50 industry, academic and regulatory experts will gather in London  for Pharma IQ's Clinically Relevant Drug Transporters Conference. Senior representatives from the International Transporter Consortium, Pfizer Neusentis, GlaxoSmithKline and Roche - to name but a few - will share best practice methods to assist you  when making these challenging decisions.   

I am pleased to announce that ALL the topics in the 2013 ITC white papers will be covered by those at the sharp end of drug development.

Key case studies include:

  • In vitro–in vivoextrapolation and PK best practices
  • Clinical modulation of efflux transport at the blood-brain barrier 
  • Transporter pharmacogenomics and the impact of polymorphisms on patient stratification
  • Rationally predicting drug disposition and clinically relevant DDIs
  • Calibrating different cell lines for drug-drug interaction studies. 

Download the programme for complete sessions and speaker information. 

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