Epigenetic Innovations Conference

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Clinically-approved epigenetic therapies are currently effective in only one area: leukaemia. But this belies their true potential. Treatments in development are rapidly expanding across disciplinary boundaries into solid tumours, inflammatory, neurological, metabolic and rare diseases.

Following extensive discussions with senior industry and academic experts, Pharma IQ’s Epigenetic Innovations summit will focus on fundamental mechanisms, chemical targets and therapies unrestricted by therapeutic area.  Expertise in bioinformatics, sequencing, medicinal chemistry and clinical assessment converge at this unique, three day meeting, will enable you to:

Identify and refine demethylases and methyltransferase inhibitors for oncology, metabolic, pulmonary and infectious diseases - new findings from 4SC, Epitherapeutics, Cellzome, University of Freiburg Medical Centre and Imperial College London

Apply functional validation of epigenetic targets using genetic tools - insights from Helmholtz Zentrum München

Plus an interactive workshop and focus day sessions covering:

  • Analysis, validation and interpretation of DNA methylation data
  • Gene set analysis: integrating multilevel omics data
  • ChIP sequencing, statistical and computational analysis

For a taster of the topics covered at the conference, check out the content available in our resource centre:

Adapting Traditional Drug Development Methods for Epigenetic Therapies - Peter Staller
Peter Staller Director of Oncology Research at Epitherapeutics talks to Pharma IQ about the differences between traditional drug development techniques and those required for development of a epigenetic therapy. He also discusses epigenetics as a growing area for finding druggable targets and the maturity of the field

Novel Antimalarial Drugs Through Epigenetics- Dr Matthew Fuchter

Malaria is one of the world's largest public health problems and treatments for the disease still leave a lot to be desired. Dr Matthew Fuchter and his team from Imperial College London, have taken a novel approach to malaria treatment, focusing on the importance of epigenetic mechanisms in the malaria parasite. In this podcast, hear about the development of this new potential treatment.

5 Most Exciting Epigenetic Trials
Epigenetics has been at the forefront of genetic research for over 15 years and the full potential of these druggable targets is finally being realised. Here we have brought together a list of five exciting therapies at various stages of development which are exciting people in the field.

Epigenetic Research Classes and Assay Trends
The focus of this GEN Market & Tech Analysis Report are some of the most recent primary market data that have been collected in order to characterize the epigenetic research space with emphasis on disease areas studied and methodologies to conduct assays to interrogate the growing epigenetics content.
Article courtesy of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.

For full details of what this event has to offer, call +44 (0)20 7036 1300, email enquire@iqpc.co.uk or visit the website www.epigeneticinnovations.com. Don’t miss out - reserve your place at the event before next Friday 28th October and save up to €600!