Pharma Business Report Series - BRIC Clinical Trial Report Part 2

Pharma IQ

Pharma IQ prides itself on bringing you the best information it possibly can. Therefore as part of our pharma business research, we surveyed 573 members from the clinical trials community. Over a third of responses were professionals from pharmaceutical organisations, while 10.3% of those involved represented biotech firms. 17.8 %were involved with a Contract Research Organisations (CRO). The purpose of the survey was to bring to light the challenges and opportunities the BRIC countries present for the global clinical trials market.

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Respondents came from a variety of roles with in the clinical trials community, with 27.6% from clinical research, 23.75% project management 16.1% clinical operations, 13.3% regulatory affairs, 13.1% from quality assurance and the remaining percentage coming from a range of other job functions.

Positive outlook for BRIC clinical trials in 2012

According to the survey the majority of respondents 74% expected the number of clinical trials in the BRIC countries to increase over the next 12 months, with 9.8% expecting them to stay at the same level and only 2.8% expecting them to decrease.

In a recent interview for Data Collection and Management in Clinical Trials Asia, event speaker Bruce Xue, Biostatistical Manager, Medical Affairs Department, Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical to Pharma IQ: “I do expect there will be more trials in BRIC countries since most pharmaceutical companies are aware of the opportunities for them to grow their business in these countries.”

Asia’s large patient pools attract clinical researchers

One of the most frequently cited opportunities the BRIC countries offer is their large patient pools.

Asia is widely touted as being the rising star of the industry by many pharma businesses. Large patient pools, lower costs and rapidly developing expertise make it a key location for research and development, while the large populations present a huge market opportunity. In a report by Cutting Edge Information, entitled Emerging Markets Clinical Trials: Asia, Adam Bianchi, chief operating officer at Cutting Edge Information, noted: "Drug companies are looking at BRIC and other countries for access to approximately three billion potential new clinical trial volunteers. "That's several times the medically eligible patient population in established markets," he said.

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