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Pharma IQ prides itself on the content we produce. We don’t charge for our webinar or whitepaper downloads, infographics or survey results. Our aim is to make sure that your business and your career are as successful as they can be, by keeping abreast of the issues that are relevant to you. The pharma industry encompasses a wide range of subjects and areas of business and we work hard to make sure that we have information to provide on every niche, and that our advice and insight can be applied to all types of business, whatever the size or location.

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We run between 50 and 100 conferences annually across Europe, America, APAC regions and everywhere in between! The success of our events means that we can bring the information to you – there should be no reason to travel far to get the benefits to your business that our events can bring. Talk to our carefully selected partners and solutions providers, listen to the presentations, and take back scalable, useable information to improve your business and your career. Make new business connections in our networking sessions and ask our speakers about their business successes and challenges. From clinical trials and disposable solutions to packaging concerns and drug delivery, our events, each with their own dedicated online resource centre, are sure to cover the issues at the forefront of your mind.

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