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Our Pharma Industry Resource Centre is the hub for all the conferences, whitepapers, case studies, articles, webinars and podcasts about the pharma industry in general as well as the actual vertical niches. This page is regularly updated with the latest content. Bookmark it so you can easily come back for the latest pharma industry update.

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Pharma Industry Whitepapers, Case Studies and Industry Trends

These pieces draw on a variety of sources and reflect a broad range of facts and views. All Pharma IQ produced materials undergo thorough topic research before the piece is written. We always rely on several independent sources for analysis, we conduct our own research and have a solid review process in place to make sure that these materials have the breadth of coverage and depth of analysis our members expect of Pharma IQ.

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Pharma Industry Webinars

We have a long series of webinars from the cutting edge of the pharma industry. Leading solution providers lend us their expertise in analysing the current challenges in their niche and assessing the possible ways to address these issues. Pharma IQ webinars are all available on demand so no matter which timezone people are based in, what their working hours are or how much time they can devote to it, they can watch the webinars at their own pace.

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Pharma Industry Articles and Podcasts

The people within the industry define its unique features. As we run over 50 pharma industry conferences globally every year, our editors literally have the opportunity to interview hundreds of senior industry professionals. From Singapore through India, from Russia to Belgium and Switzerland, from Sao Paolo to New York, these thought leader share their views on the latest trends and developments in the pharma industry.

Pharma Industry Conferences

Every year Pharma IQ runs 50-100 conferences for the pharma industry by the pharma industry. Some are business focused whilst others are research driven. But the ultimate aim for all of them is to give people the latest in cutting edge research and technology, to enable them to network extensively with their peers, to learn best practice and to benchmark themselves against their competitors in the pharma industry and also to let top companies meet top talent.

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