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Following blogs can be an invaluable way of keeping up with the latest developments in a specific industry and getting a glimpse behind the headlines at the inner workings of the market.

This can be particularly true in complex sectors that are often considered newsworthy, such as pharmaceuticals.

Read on for a list of some of the most stimulating and eye-opening pharma blogs.



Pharmalot is edited by Ed Silverman, a prize-winning journalist who has covered the industry for 16 years, and comes from the publishers of the PharmaLive website.

Recent posts have included an interview with Tom Abrams, head of the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Office of Prescription Drug Promotion.


This blog claims to look "beyond the spin of big pharma PR" and has recently reported on stories including a suggestion in a research paper published in the European Journal of Clinical Investigation that drugs companies have too much influence over medical research.

PharmaGossip is a popular source of news and opinion, with nearly 9,400 followers on Twitter.


PJ Online

The PJ Online blog is linked to the website of the Pharmaceutical Journal, which itself is affiliated with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, although all publications are editorially independent of the society.

A range of figures keep the blog updated with regular posts, ranging from students and trainees to practising pharmacists and consultants.


Drug Channels

Written by Adam J Fein, chief executive of Drug Channels Institute and president of Pembroke Consulting, Drug Channels focuses on pharmaceutical economics and the distribution system.

It aims to offer "timely analysis and provocative opinions" on topics such as the fast-growing specialty drugs market, industry trends and legal aspects of the supply chain.


European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy blog

The European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy blog from the British Medical Journal is a good source of news and information about the pharma industry in the UK and on the continent.

Recent posts have looked at the growing problem of drug-resistant tuberculosis and the impact of benzodiazepines on pneumonia.


FDA Law Blog

This is the official blog of Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, the largest dedicated food and drug law firm in the US.

Overseen by Kurt Karst, a director at the firm, and Jeffrey Wasserstein, whose areas of expertise include pharmaceutical marketing and compliance, the blog explores topics ranging from drug development to fraud and abuse.


IN VIVO provides regular commentary on biopharmaceutical business development, research and development, financing, marketing and policy.

The blog's latest post looked at the growth of Isis Pharmaceuticals, which recently confirmed a new tie-up with Roche and also counts AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol-Myers Squibb among its biopharma partners.

  Patent Baristas

This lighthearted, coffee-themed blog is run by Stephen Jenei, who is also the owner of a business and intellectual property law firm specialising in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical fields.

It focuses on patent issues facing drug manufacturers, as do the Patent Docs and IPWatchdog blogs.

  Pharma Marketing Blog

The Pharma Marketing Blog has been called a "must read" for industry insiders by the Wall Street Journal and described as "often entertaining and always informative" by MedAdNews editor-in-chief Christiane Truelove.

Posts are provided by John Mack, the publisher and editor of independent monthly newsletter Pharma Marketing News.

  In the Pipeline

Derek Lowe, the author of In the Pipeline, has worked with a number of major pharmaceutical companies since the late 1980s, contributing to projects targeting schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, diabetes and other diseases.

His blog focuses on the drug discovery process and also looks at issues of interest to the pharma industry in general.


These were our favourites but have we missed any of yours?

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