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For your business to keep ahead of the competition you need to make sure that you know which pharma solutions are best suited to your particular needs. Pharma IQ talks to the most influential and most successful companies in the industry, gathering research on the solutions that have made businesses successful. Whether you require niche solutions for a particular issue or geo-location, are looking to cut costs, embrace latest technologies or expand your business, Pharma IQ will have resources and conferences to help you.

Pharma IQ provides a hub for numerous forms of learning, whether you prefer to watch webinars, download whitepapers or read articles.

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Pharma Solutions Conferences

Pharma IQ holds between 50 and 100 conferences a year in locations all over the world. Catering for a huge range of issues including clinical trials, disposable solutions, PAT and QbD and cold chain logistics, you can be sure that there will be an event appropriate for you. The speakers at our events are highly qualified, have their own success stories to share, and have years of experience. At the event you will have a chance to meet with some of our key partners who will be able to provide help and solutions for your particular issues. You will also be given the opportunity to network with industry peers to discuss and debate the topics covered and to share successes and failures of previous ventures.

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Pharma Solutions Webinars and Whitepapers

Pharma IQ acts as a content hub for our downloadable content, which is completely free to download and share. Our editors have great experience and knowledge of the pharma industry, and they work together with the industry’s leading practitioners, commentators and thought leaders to bring you valuable insights into the most critical issues in the industry. Whether you prefer to download and read content, to watch live or on demand webinars, or listen to podcasts, Pharma IQ can provide essential knowledge, insight and commentary in your interest areas.

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