Pharmaceutical Business Development Information Pack

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As part of our Pharma Business series, we are launching a set of top tips on pharma and biotech marketing. The information pack that you can download here contain a detailed overview of the what we as marketers do at Pharma IQ and also gives you a good understanding of our audience. From lead-gen to thought-leadership, from branding to social buzz, we cover all aspects of pharma marketing.

With almost 100 pharmaceutical conferences each year and a 50 thousand strong community, we have a pretty solid ground to offer good business development opportunities to our partners. Pharma IQ is a content hub as well as a community for pharmaceutical professionals regardless of the specific vertical they may be working in. Senior managers account for more than 50% of our top 10 job-titles, including managing directors and CEO who account for 1 in 5 of our members.

This gives our partners a unique opportunity to influence key decision makers through a variety of channels. We also help you capture those leads via good online content. Have you always wanted to build up the online portfolio of your key stakeholders but never had the means. We are here to help you do exactly that. Download the information pack, take a look. Let’s start a discussion how a podcast followed by the publication of a whitepaper, topped with a webinar by one of your expert speakers could help you generate hundreds of qualified leads that your team can turn into revenue.

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You do not need to make commitments now. If you just want to explore your opportunities, the info-pack is your one-stop shop: it contains all the basic information a pharma marketer needs before deciding to take further steps. We have also prepared a set of recommendations that will have you maximise the return on your investment, and help you establish a solid, reliable channel that keeps on delivering.

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