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In 2011 we conducted a global study in which nearly 45% of respondents said they feared redundancy in the next 12 months, but in 2013 we would like to reexamine the market.

As a member of the global pharmaceutical community, we are asking for your perceptions and experiences of what is happening to the industry the current economic climate. We would really appreciate your contribution to the biggest survey of it’s kind.

Retention of Talent in the Pharma Industry
In a continually unstable economic climate, the need to retain and foster existing talent becomes more prevalent. Organisations have no desire to invest in the training and coaching of key employees only to see the benefits of that investment being reaped by another employer.

The Top 10 Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies: Who's Recruiting?
Pharma IQ did a bit of research and looked at the top 10 biggest pharmaceutical organisations, as recognised by Fortune 500 in 2012, to see where the new jobs and opportunities are emerging and on the flip-side, where lay-offs are likely.
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