IATA 6th Annual World Cargo Symposium in Kuala Lumpar: Day One Recap

Robert Tungatt

Ensuring Marken’s continued focus on industry developments and best practices, Marken’s, CORTEC VP Robert Tungatt is attending one of the world’s leading aviation industry conferences the IATA 6th Annual World Cargo Symposium in Kuala Lumpur.

This thought leading event grows in importance every year, and anyone concerned with the aviation industry needs to be involved to help shape the future of our industry. The event gathers approx 1,000 leading industry figures across the supply chain spectrum including, shippers, freight forwarders, airlines, regulators, ground handling services, integrators, customs and aviation support industries such as trainers, software and technology companies amongst many.

This year’s theme is Partnerships at Work, which is at the core of Marken’s focus for establishing strategic partnerships through the industry to ensure reliable Cold Supply Chain management. The event is focusing on a wide range of industry critical topics, the IATA WCS is a must attend for Marken to be able to represent our industry and clients concerns and to help lead future developments across the principle topics in focus specialty tracks listed below.

Day 1 – 13 March

The opening Industry Plenary Session is focused on the review of the achievements of the last 12 months and the industry agenda for the rest of the event and the year ahead. IATA proud of some of the achievements of the last 12 months, listed below: 

1. Data to support risk management
2. Securing the supply chain from manufacturer to end user
3. Technology for screening of freight and consignment data

  • Aviation Safety – 2011 hull loss rate for western built jets stood at historic low at 0-37 losses per million (1 hull loss every 2.7 million flights)
  • Dangerous Goods – Increasing concerns due to the proliferation of shippers (entrepreneurial internet generated trading) and lack of awareness. Additionally the increase in usage of lithium batteries in devices is a growing concern to the aviation industry.
  • Security – The threat to aviation security remains at highest levels, industry and regulators need to continue to co-operate to ensure the safety of the aviation networks and the smooth flow of commerce. Industry must continue to strive for solution via a multi-layered approach or have solutions imposed by regulators. IATA are focusing on three main areas:
    • 1. Data to support risk management
    • 2. Securing the supply chain from manufacturer to end user
    • 3. Technology for screening of freight and consignment data

  • Crucial in the current environment IATA focusing on competiveness and efficiency. Industry E-Freight program to lead the paperless revolution. Timelines set by IATA is to 100% E0-Freight compliant by 2015. Current e-AWB compliance is at 4.6 %, with IATA targeting 15% by the end of 2012 and 100% by 2015. IATA identify 3 main areas to facilitate this:
    • 1. GAGAG to drive process forward (Global Air Cargo Advisory Group, which is made up of members from IATA, TIACA, FIATA and GFS)
    • 2. Airlines to embrace and prioritise implementation
    • 3.  BRICS countries to be brought on board ASAP.
  • Quality Standards – IATA continue to develop the Time & Temperature Healthcare & Life Science section of the Perishable Cargo Manual. Tony Tyler, Director General of IATA confirmed that as of 1st July 2012 the IATA Time & Temperature Label will come into Mandatory use. Helping to further assure the safe and timely handling of life science temperature controlled products.
  • CASS – IATA Cargo Airline Settlement System of which Marken are a member reported a 99.99% accuracy level of billing accuracy.

IATA also recognised the achievements of the Malaysian Government with a keynote speech by the Honourable Minster for Transport of Malaysia Mr YB Dato’ Seri Kong Cho Ha. A session which concluded with the signing of the MOU with Malaysia on the successful completion of the Secure Freight Pilot program carried out in Malaysia in the last 2 years.

This IATA program seeks to ensure the safety and security of the aviation supply chain by establishing multi-layered standards for security across the supply chain. This critical program is being adopted by several countries with many more looking likely to follow.

The day’s agenda was a full one concluding at 1800, before the delegates had time network and unwind.

Tomorrow is another exciting day with the commencement of the speciality industry tracks. Marken, represented by Robert is a member of the IATA Time & Temperature Task Force responsible for the re-drafting of the regulations, will be focusing specifically on the Time & Temperature Track on Wednesday and Thursday.

Check here for further details from the event or Contact Marken at CORTEC@Marken.com for further information relating to the IATA event or the Time & Temperature Regulations (Chapter 17).

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