Guarantee GDP-Compliant Cold Chain Logistics for Pharmaceuticals to CEE & CIS Countries

How prepared is your organisation for transporting goods under the new GDP guidelines which are due to come into effect later this year? And how will these guidelines effect the current day-to-day running of you business if you are transporting Cool Chain pharmaceuticals to locations like Central & Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet States? Before you begin to ramp up transportation to fall within the boundaries of new legislation, is it not worth considering saving costs and outsourcing the logistics to someone who has already done the hard work before you?

Soncotra has teamed up with Pharma IO to share 4 guaranteed benefits you will receive to ensure the security, safety and visibility of your goods from the moment they leave the depot  all the way to their  final destination. Watch this short video and learn how your company can:
  1. Benefit from technology enabled track & trace transport with correct  temperature conditions
  2. Experience the maintenance of Cool Units on Thermo-trailers
  3. Access  increased security on the road:
  4. Receive shorter and  direct shipments