Investment Trends In Single Use Systems

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As the biopharmaceutical industry's focus moves from a blockbuster sales model to more targeted therapeutics, the need to avoid costly investments in sizable stainless steel equipment is increasing.

The use of single-use bioprocessing equipment is making product manufacture increasingly efficient and frequently less costly, particularly for early stages such as R&D and clinical trials. This is particularly important for smaller and lesser-funded companies, for whom using single-use equipment for in-house candidate product manufacture is one of the only viable options (aside from outsourcing).

“Changes in lifestyles and healthcare systems, and increasing demand for drugs at reduced prices, has led to the development of facilities that can produce more than one product, offering

flexibility and scalability.” (6) Single use systems, which are utilized within upstream and downstream processing, can greatly simplify the path to market via the reduction of sterilisation time, swifter set up times, lower cross contamination levels and reduced operating costs.

According to a recent study, the global single-use biopharma technology market reached $1.7 billion in 2014, a $0.3 billion jump from the year prior.

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