Improving Solubility Conference 2013

Pharma IQ

Uncovering Novel Advances in Enhancing Bioavailability

This year, we will showcase the newest solubility technologies and provide the latest research from established industry leaders in order to provide you with practical, applicable knowledge to effectively improve bioavailability and drug candidate solubility.

Top Reasons to attend the attend :

  • Learn the latest methodologies and technologies to take on this challenge.
  • Learn how to Minimize the time-to-market on your drug pipeline.
  • Practical solutions & knowledge to effectively improve bioavailability and drug candidate solubility.

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Expert Speaker Panel Include :

  • Yuriy Abramov, Sr. Principle Scientist, Pfizer
  • Indrajit Ghosh, Principal Scientist/Project leader,Pharmaceutical Development Technology, Novartis
  • Dedong Wu, Senior Research Scientist, AstraZeneca
  • Jennifer Sheng, Scientific Technical Leader, Sandoz

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Valuable Free Podcasts Include :

Novartis' Jennifer Sheng on Solubility Modelling & the Future of Solubilisation

Poor solubility is an obvious barrier to advancing potentially efficacious drug candidates. In this interview Jennifer Sheng, Fellow at Novartis, discusses the most efficient approaches for measuring solubility,  why solubility remains a critical challenge in formulation development and how solubility modelling can reduce the R&D timeline.

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Spray-Dried Dispersion Technology: Solving Drug Solubility Challenges

Amorphous spray dried dispersions (SDDs) have emerged as a broadly applicable technology for the delivery of poorly soluble drug molecules. Methods for formulating and predicting the physical stability of these formulations are becoming better understood and more widespread. However, there are practical aspects of final dose formulation and characterisation that are critical to attaining the full performance advantages offered by SDD formulations.  Today, Dr. Corey Bloom, Directory of Formulation Science at Bend Research, joins Amber Scorah from Pharma IQ, to talk about this.

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How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Formulation

Outsourcing various elements of formulation work has obvious advantages, but there are also some common pitfalls. Martin Schubert, Formulation Group Leader at UCB, joins Helen Winsor from Pharma IQ, to discuss developments and challenges in formulation. From own experience, Schubert highlights the three most important things to think about when selecting a CRO to work with. Finally, he discusses the benefits of using insilico/invivo and invitro modeling.

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