The SAT-EU Survey on Attitudes Towards Trial Site Selection in Europe

While it is common wisdom in healthcare circles that speed of regulatory approvals is a key factor negatively influencing trial incidence,  the relative weight of multiple other criteria is simply not known. Information in this respect is neither in the medical literature, nor in health-care intelligence databases.

The SAT EU's Working Group Survey’s objective is to change this. We seek your help (1) to understand Industry's trial site selection criteria and (2) to rank potential improvements across three key domains - investigator, hospital and environment-driven criteria.

Can confidence in European research be restored via some simple solutions at the National level?  Is there something pragmatic which can be dealt with at the Site level?  Or are  there more complex issues to be addressed?  We would encourage you to complete this survey (approx. 10 min) to add your perspective to this question.

The SAT EU Working Group are seeking for input from anyone involved in multinational site selection from industry (Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device/Diagnostics) as well as CROs, and investigator driven multinational researchers. Please pass it on to other relevant people within your organisation as different disease entities may incur different issues. The last question of the survey lets you give us your e-mail, to inform you in advance of results publication:

The SAT-EU Survey

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