Top 10 Statistics From Pharma IQ's Clinical Trial Supply Survey

Pharma IQ

The latest results from Pharma IQ’s survey of industry  professionals highlights that running clinical trials in emerging market (e.g. BRIC) nations remains a firm priority for companies actively perusing research.

The survey carried out the research team here at Pharma IQ in April has revealed many of the most important trends within Clinical Trial Supply and it suggests many reasons to be optimistic.

  1. One third of all companies will be running 40 or more clinical Trials. With companies facing straitened times and looking for new drugs to replace those whose patents are expiring, many are making the wise decision to re-invest in clinical trials.
  2. 50% of companies will be running more than 6 clinical trials in BRIC countries and of half of those companies will be running more than 16. This reflects the many advantages in making use of the opportunities these countries provide, such as lower costs and a wider participant pool.
  3. A quarter of all respondents consider the CEE and Russia to present the greatest opportunities for running clinical trials.
  4. 34% of respondents consider China to pose the biggest challenge when running trials
  5. Only 2% of all respondents said that India posed the biggest challenges while 16% said it provided the greatest opportunities for running trials.
  6. The biggest challenge encountered when running clinical trials in a foreign country is adhering to global standards and regulations, a challenge shared by 33% of survey respondents.
  7. 40% of companies will be running 16 or more clinical trials in the US, showing that although there is much attention on emerging markets, many companies still consider the advantages of running trials domestically to be considerable.
  8. The number one area of active investment for companies in the next 6 months was CROs with logistics being a close second and temperature control packaging and sensors and IRT/IVRS technology not far behind.
  9. Over the next 18 months, supply chains in emerging markets will be the biggest priority for clinical supply chains.
  10. Distribution (45%), packaging and labelling (41%), logistics (41%) and manufacture(43%) are the most common services which are now outsourced by respondents.