New stability storage testing provider enters the pharma market

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Roylance Storage has opened its 15,000sqft, state of the art stability storage facility at BioCity near Glasgow

Specialising, primarily, in the life sciences sector but also branching out into perishables and packaging, the storage company offers the simulation of environmental conditions for shelf life testing as required by industry regulators to bring drug products to market.

The cloud-based monitoring solution gives real-time visibility and enables clients to log in remotely.

Toby Reid MD BioCity Group, commented “Marieanne Miller has been running this service internally at BioCity for a few years. She is extremely well respected in the industry for her quality management.


“The opportunity, through working with local investment syndicate Gabriel Investments, to spin out this service and marry Marieanne’s operational expertise with the Roylance brand was too good to miss”.

The news of the launch comes after over 75% of temperature controlled logistics practitioners in a recent survey voted in favor of increasing the use of product stability budgets for decision making in the supply chain.

This overwhelming consensus was noted in Pharma Logistics IQs 2017 report Optimizing The Path Form Lab To Patient and gathered insights from over 140 industry professionals.

Roylance Scientific specialises in validation, servicing, cold chain logistics and equipment sales with in the pharmaceutical sector.