Patient Recruitment for Oncological Clinical Trials: Seminar by Jai Balkissoon, from Oxigene

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Jai Balkissoon, Senior Medical Director, Oncology from Oxigene will lead the session focused on establishing a multidisciplinary network to improve patient take up and assess the eligibility at Optimising Clinical Development in Oncology conference, taking place 15th-17th of February 2011 in London.

One of the most fundamental issues related to oncological clinical trials is arguably patient recruitment.  Jai will discuss how developing a strong relationship with hospitals and physicians can be crucial for patient recruitment. He will showcase different routes of forming the relationships with patience: partnerships and networks with non-industry organisations, understanding patients’ motivations and apprehensions through communication with physicians and developing a recruitment strategy with your trial partner.

Patient recruitment is one of the workshops taking place as a part  of the Optimising Clinical Development in Oncology conference. The meeting gathering 18 industry experts will focus on ideas how to: 

  • Maximise the efficiency of your clinical development through implementing innovative trial design approaches
  • Facilitate go/no-go decisions, assess tumour response and achieve patient stratification through effective application of biomarkers and companion diagnostics
  • Understand and applying functional imaging techniques for tumour assessment at the molecular level and drive drug development
  • Realise the potential of personalised medicine through efficient patient stratification
  • Speed time to market through implementation of the new ICH S9 guideline

Optimising Clinical Development in Oncology is co-located with Optimising Clinical Development for CNS as a part of Clinical Trials Summit. To see the final speaker line-up, please go to or