Pharma IQ Releases a Brand New Podcast on Sponsor-Vendor Partnerships in Comparator Studies Ahead of This Year's Global Comparator Studies Forum

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Pharma IQ have just made a great new podcast interview available in the Global Comparator Studies Resource Centre: A direct route to an optimum sponsor/vendor partnership.

The podcast is an interview withSteve Jacobs, Chair of the Global Clinical Suppliers Group and President of Global BioPharm Solutions, and is available on the Global Comparator Studies website ( completely free of charge. In the interview Jacobs discusses how to go about creating the best sponsor/vendor partnership and how to balance cost versus service.

"Building trust in this vendor/sponsor relationship, especially for comparators, is absolutely essential. It is what provides the balance between the two groups. Now the problem is when this not met, what you wind up having is demand curves that look like spikes" Jacobs says in the interview.

He continues "Now the bottom line is that, with this good forecasting and planning system in place and typically even a small group of people that are responsible for it, the demand for the clinical supplies and the comparators actually eliminates the spikes and troughs that I talked about before and actually smoothes the costing based on the fact that we can actually identify exactly what’s needed, make sure that we don’t actually get too much, and go ahead and make sure that it’s sourced in a timely manner."

Comparator studies and many related hot topics will be discussed at Pharma IQ's 2011 Global Comparator Studies conference,where industry experts are gathering for two days to explore the opportunities presented in the rapidly evolving comparator trials landscape and understand how to develop a secure strategy for comparator drug sourcing.

Pfizer, LifeCycle Pharma and Boehringer Ingelheimare just a few of the companies coming together to share their experiences and network with senior thought leaders on this subject.

Steve Jacobs will be delivering a presentation at the 2011 Global Comparator Studies Conference, taking place from 29th-30th June at the Hallam Conference Centre in London. To access the podcast and for more information, please visit the website, call +44 (0)207 368 9300 or email


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