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An Antibody is a modified protein molecule present in the blood serum or plasma (and other body fluids), whose activity is associated chiefly with gamma globulin. Produced by the immune system in response to exposure to a foreign substance, it is the body's protective mechanism against infection and disease. An antibody is characterized by a structure complementary to the foreign substance, the antigen that provokes its formation, and is thus capable of binding specifically to the foreign substance to neutralize it.

Top 10 Disruptive Technologies in Pharma

When it comes to market innovation, providers tend to split into two camps, the disrupters and the disrupted. Technological advancement is an arena that sees many attempts at sparking revolution. With this in mind, Pharma IQ takes a look at 10 of...

Contributor: Chanice Henry
Thu, 05/28/2015
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Moderate Growth Rate and Increasing Competition for the Therapeutic Proteins Market

The global therapeutic proteins market will grow at a moderate pace, with monoclonal antibodies considered to be the highest revenue generating market in 2010....

Contributor: Pharma IQ News
Mon, 10/03/2011
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Antibodies play an essential role in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in the production of vaccines and antibiotics, and also have the potential to bring in significant revenue. A recently-released La Merie report, entitled Antibody...

Contributor: Pharma IQ
Wed, 11/10/2010