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Biopharmaceuticals, also referred to as The Biopharma Industry, is the industry where ethical pharmaceutical drugs are derived through bioprocessing. They are proteins (including antibodies), nucleic acids (DNA, RNA or antisense oligonucleotides) used for therapeutic or in vivo diagnostic purposes, and are produced by means other than direct extraction from a native (non-engineered) biological source. The first such substance approved for therapeutic use was biosynthetic 'human' insulin made via recombinant DNA technology.

Andrea Charles

In this podcast Sudip Kumar Majumder, Principal Scientist at Intas Biopharmaceuticals India, speaks to Andrea Charles from Pharma IQ about streamlining and redesigning the downstream process and innovations on the horizon that will change the...

Contributor: Andrea Charles
Mon, 09/12/2011
Eric Langer

During the past six years, single use systems and devices have emerged as a key change agent in the biomanufacturing landscape. Acceptance in R&D and scale-up has been driven by their effectiveness in reducing risks of contamination, faster...

Contributor: Eric Langer
Mon, 04/04/2011
Pharma IQ

It is relatively common knowledge that the pharmaceutical industry must meet a range of guidelines as it works to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products it develops. However, what is perhaps less known is how such work continues...

Contributor: Pharma IQ
Thu, 06/03/2010