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Bioprocessing is defined as any process that uses complete living cells or their components (e.g., bacteria, enzymes, chloroplasts) to obtain desired products. Bioprocessing is also key to several emerging industries and technologies, including the production of renewable biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel, therapeutic stem cells, gene therapy vectors, and new vaccines. The Food and Drug Administration imposes stringent regulations on bioprocessing in the biotech industry; this highly regulated environment has an enormous impact on plant operations and product manufacture.

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The high growth of the biopharmaceutical market in Asia is creating a strong need for production of biopharmaceuticals at higher qualities and volumes, as well as developing an effective and efficient bioprocess. Over the past few years, as...

Contributor: Pharma IQ News
Wed, 11/09/2011
Andrea Charles

In this podcast Sudip Kumar Majumder, Principal Scientist at Intas Biopharmaceuticals India, speaks to Andrea Charles from Pharma IQ about streamlining and redesigning the downstream process and innovations on the horizon that will change the...

Contributor: Andrea Charles
Mon, 09/12/2011