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Cell Culture

Cell Culture refers the complex process by which cells are grown under controlled conditions. In practice, the term "cell culture" has come to refer to the culturing of cells derived from multicellular eukaryotes, especially animal cells. The historical development and methods of cell culture are closely interrelated to those of tissue culture and organ culture. There are also cultures of plants, fungi and microbes, including viruses, bacteria and protists.

The Immortal Legacy of Henrietta Lacks

The story of Henrietta Lacks is a tale of science, race, death, discovery and exclusion but its most recent chapter promises to bring a more positive facet than the many before it.

Shortly before her death in 1951, Henrietta Lacks had a...

Contributor: Gerald Clarke
Mon, 08/19/2013
Amy Patel

Everyone has heard buzz around stem cell research, artificial organs and tissue engineering, and now becoming educated on the politics and science of these topics is increasingly important.  These innovative fields make up the future of...

Contributor: Amy Patel
Fri, 08/19/2011
Helen Winsor

Dr. Glyn Stacey, Director of the UK Stem Cell Bank, offers some insights into the Bank’s work to support the development of stem cell models for safety testing. Pharma IQ: First, please can you outline the remit of the UK Stem Cell Bank and its...

Contributor: Helen Winsor