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Coating System

Coating Systems are extensively used by pharmaceutical companies for coating solid oral dosage forms to protect against deterioration by environmental factors like sunlight, temperature variations, moisture, environmental gases etc., to facilitate swallowing, to mask taste and odor, to increase shelf-life, to enhance aesthetic appeal and brand image, to facilitate product identification during manufacture and prevent wastage during packing and handling, to provide immediate release, specific release, sustained release, controlled release and targeted drug delivery properties, to provide enteric release properties for release in the intestinal tract and to facilitate identification of oncological drugs.

T. E. Gopala Krishna Murthy

Multiparticulates or multiple unit dosage forms are the discrete, small, repetitive units of drug particles which may or may not possess similar drug release pattern.  They can be tailored for pulsatile, controlled and or delayed, targeted drug...

Contributor: T. E. Gopala Krishna Murthy
Sun, 10/03/2010
Improving Hospital Efficiency Through Technology

An ageing population and the increasing number of conditions becoming treatable, means that efficient hospital management is essential to ensure patients are provided with timely and appropriate care. Taking Australia as an example, a recent...

Contributor: Pharma IQ
Tue, 08/31/2010
Bryan Camoens

Robert Lim, Head of Haematology and Oncology, for the National University Cancer Institute, speaks exclusively to Bryan Camoens from Pharma IQ, on the fundamental difference between pharmacodiligence and pharmacovigilance. Pharma IQ: What are...

Contributor: Bryan Camoens
Wed, 08/11/2010