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Dissolution Testing

Dissolution Testing is defined as a critical formulation tool in the process of drug discovery that entails measuring the stability of the investigational product, achieving uniformity in production lots and determining its in vivo availability. The Dissolution Testing method is useful in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to formulate drug dosage forms and to develop quality control specifications for its manufacturing process. What are the 7 Deadly Sins of Quality Assurance and Quality Control? Find out here

Jean-Michel Cardot

Jean-Michel Cardot, Dept of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, University d'Auvergne, France, joins Pharma IQ to share his 5 top tips on how to establish in vitro-in vivo correlation (IVIVC). IVIVC is a very nice tool if you want to...

Contributor: Jean-Michel Cardot
08/16/2011 08:00:00 PM EDT
Helen Winsor



What are the 7 Deadly Sins of Quality Assurance and Quality Control?Download our free QA QC eBook now to find out!

Find out more about the challenges in pre-and post-release stability testing and formulation. In this...

Contributor: Helen Winsor
08/30/2010 08:00:00 PM EDT