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FDA Compliance

FDA Compliance refers to conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law stated by U.S. FDA. Regulatory compliance describes the goal that corporations or public agencies aspire to in their efforts to ensure that personnel are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Pharma IQ Top Blogger Awards 2011 - Legal & Regulatory

At Pharma IQ we like to share the best things in life! With that in mind we are pleased to be able to release the first in our series of Pharma IQ Top Blogger Awards. This week we name our 10 favourite regulatory and legal blogs, giving the...

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Mon, 05/09/2011
FDA Compliance: Minimising Risk

Compliance with Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) guidelines is essential for all working within the pharmaceutical industry, from researchers working on clinical trials to those marketing the drugs to members of the public. The FDA is tasked...

Contributor: Pharma IQ
Wed, 11/17/2010
Pharma IQ

The pharmaceutical industry in the United States has to comply with a number of guidelines to ensure the quality of the products it manufactures, the safety of its workers and members of the public, and the environment in which it operates. Many...

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Sun, 09/19/2010