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Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry is defined as the analysis of biological material by detection of light-absorbing or fluorescing properties of cells or subcellular fractions (i.e., chromosomes) passing in a narrow stream through a laser beam. An absorbance or fluorescence profile of the sample is produced. Automated sorting devices, used to fractionate samples, sort successive droplets of the analyzed stream into different fractions depending on the fluorescence emitted by each droplet.

Bryan Camoens

Dr. Erna Surjadi, Regional Adviser Gender, Women & Health, speaks to Bryan Camoens from Pharma IQ, on issues relating to patient load and epidemiological issues, CQMS and patient behaviour.Pharma IQ: What are some of the key issues that need...

Contributor: Bryan Camoens
Sun, 10/10/2010