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Contributor: William Janzen
william comp

William P. Janzen Executive Director of Lead Discovery at Epizyme speaks to Pharma IQ about the key technology trends he has discovered that every lab should embrace.Read more

Contributor: Pharma IQ
Pharma IQ

In line with this year’s Predictive Toxicology Academy, Pharma IQ held an exclusive interview with Phillip Hewitt, Head of Early Investigative Toxicology at Merck KGaA to find out his thoughts on the new innovations within predictive toxicology and the vital improvements needed to the application of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) in drug discovery today.Read more

Contributor: Legal IQ
Legal IQ

Legal IQ spoke to Ligia Gata, IP Manager at Bioingenium, to discover the IP challenges faced by the Pharmaceutical industry in 2015. In this interview, Ligia provides insight on the importance of IP for R&D centers and SMEs, the key elements to consider for effectively preserving intellectual property. cutting costs using IP and she responds to the claim 'do patent rights stand in the way of getting treatment to those who need it?'Read more

Contributor: Melissa Finocchio
Melissa Finocchio

In this interview Melissa Finocchio, Director, Product Labeling and Documentation BioMerieux, speaks to Pharma IQ about the changing trends in product labelling and documentation for medical devices, overcoming barriers to standardisation and BioMerieux's top 3 priorities for 2014 now that the FDA Final Rule on UDIs for medical devices is out.Read more

Contributor: Dimitris Agrafiotis

"There is a lot of hype behind Big Data and I think it’s very important to dissolve some of this hype". In this interview, Dimitris Agrafiotis, the Vice President & Chief Data Officer at Covance, discusses the five steps of the clinical trial process and details the ways in which Big Data is involved every step of the way.Read more

Contributor: Jesus Zurdo
Jesus Zurdo

In this exclusive interview Jesús Zurdo, Head of Innovation, Biopharma Development, Lonza Biologics, speaks to Pharma IQ about improving the developability of biopharmaceuticals, the advantages of implementing early risk assessment and enhancing manufacture through Quality By Design (QbD). Zurdo also shares his views on the future and true promise of QbD.Read more

Contributor: Pedro Hernández
Pedro Hernández

In this quick-fire Q&A, Dr. Pedro E. Hernández Director of Quality by Design at Merck Serono SA, shares his insights on Quality by Design adoption, ahead of the 11th annual PAT and Quality by Design in Pharma conference.Read more

Anantharaman Kavassery Viswanathan, analyst at Datamonitor Healthcare, said: “In this latest round of cuts the market expansion rule will impact 11 active ingredients (APIs) and 22 products which mostly include big-selling DPP-4 inhibitor antidiabetics and biologic therapies used mainly in rheumatoid arthritis. Overall, the average cut of 5.64% will be applied on a drug price basis in line with what was expected."Read more

Contributor: Alain Pralong

Alain Pralong, VP New Product Introduction and Technical Life Cycle Management at GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines, speaks to Pharma IQ, about the challenges faced evaluating single-use systems for extractables and leachables and the need for sound risk management in biomanufacturing. Pralong also shares his opinion on the current regulatory landscape.Read more

Contributor: Tony Hitchcock
Tony Hitchcock

In this interview Tony Hitchcock, Technical Director at Cobra Biologics, shares his top 3 tips for implementing single use systems today and takes a closer look at the role of single use systems in continuous manufacturing.Read more

239 results
of 24