Clinical Trial Supply Conferences: CTS Europe & CTS Asia

Sumit Dutta

The Clinical Trial Supply Conference to Go to

The Clinical Trial Supply Conference to go to are Clinical Trial Supply Europe and Clinical Trial Supply Asia. There are a few events that may be relevant but over the past years these have proved to be the most reliable in terms of quality and attendance.

Check out the CTS Europe website

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Both clinical trial supply conferences are suitable for all levels of expertise:

From  “Very valuable, gave me a very good overview as I am a beginner in this field coming from drug substance development

To “Outstanding speakers – most impressed

Both have a balanced, versatile delegate profile: From Bios and Pharmas to Drug distributors, Regulators and CROs. Participants come from a global audience so the local emphasis is strengthened by global perspectives.

Clinical Trial Supply Conference Europe

The CTS Europe conference is held between 30 January and 01 February 2013, in Basel in Switzerland, one of the biggest centres of the regional clinical trial supply industry.

The conference has a rich resource centre available free of charge for anyone interested in the field. Podcasts, infographics, articles, videos and Q&A sessions on an abundance of clinical trial supply related issues are available. Click here to visit the CTS resource centre.

Speakers include

  • Directors of Clinical Operation
  • Directors of Clinical Logistics Services Europe
  • Heads of Clinical Supply Chain Management
  • Global Heads of Sales and Marketing

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Companies present will feature

  • Astellas Pharma Europe
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Pfizer
  • Novo Nordisk
  • US Pharmacopeia
  • the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate among many others.

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Clinical Trial Supply Conference Asia

The Asian market undoubtedly represents the biggest opportunities but it has its unique challenges that CTS Asia conference addresses. CTS decision-makers will have the opportunity to learn directly from leading industry figures such as:

  • Secretary General of the China Pharmacy Cold Chain Alliance
  • Director of Registration Department, Beijing Drug Administration, SFDA
  • Secretary General, Contract Research Contract Research Organisation Union (CROU)
  • Chairperson of the China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce (CAPC)

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Additionally, participants will also be able to network with leading Clinical Trial Supply industry figures from the entire region, including:

  • Director of Clinical Research of Pfizer China
  • Head of China Sourcing Team of AstraZeneca China
  • Head of Clinical Trial Operations of Johnson & Johnson China
  • Head of Clinical Supply Management China of Bayer Healthcare R&D

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