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How target audiences for Pharma Solutions have changed

In the past, when manufacturers wanted to market their pharma solutions, they focussed their campaigns at physicians, often in specific countries or areas. Today however all advertising campaigns must be in compliance and culturally acceptable in any location they may be accessed – something that the internet has made harder to control for them to be understood and therefore have any chance of success. In addition to physicians and nurses, a successful campaign will also target key opinion leaders and advocates and also the consumers.

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The different members of the target audience are united in the desire for good information about the various pharma solutions available, to ensure they cam make good decisions. This ties in well with regulatory practices demanding explanation and information for all products. If the right information is provided, the education will drive action – whether it be a patient preparing research before visiting a doctor, or the doctor informing the patient about the medication prescribed.

A successful marketing campaign is where everyone in the target market receives a consistent message. As the marketing message not only needs to apply to different types of people, it also needs to be applicable at different stages. If a marketing campaign anticipates the needs of sufferer’s early in the cycle they can hopefully shorten sales times, improve spend return and improve customer satisfaction. 

Balancing these issues is going to be difficult to mould into a seamless campaign, especially when you are targeting different cultures. Marketers have to understand the different understandings of various pharma solutions and their treatments, in addition to the differing  regulations across the globe. It has become more and more important to gather customer intelligence to shape clear definitions and ensure no messages or images are lost in translation.

As technology continues to grow, different channels arise that can have an impact on the way pharma solutions are marketed. Smartphone apps are becoming more widely used for business purposes, and physicians are beginning to recognise the value of portable content whether it be detailed research or drug information.

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