Spacecraft Intelligence Supports Ebola Vaccine Cold Chain

Chanice Henry

Reports have recently emerged that spacecraft technology is one of the latest breakthroughs to advance the cold chain market.

A passive vaccine storage device, which utilises insulation methods similar to those which guard spacecrafts from extreme temperatures, assisted with conserving Ebola vaccine candidates during transit in Sierra Leone and Guinea trials.

According to Intellectual Ventures, this Arktek device contributed to preserving a stable cold chain within a set of ebola clinical trials launched in the West Africa. The vaccine candidates required to be maintained between the temperatures of -60° and -80° Celsius for at least 72 hours in extensive heat without any external power – which was vital to the efficacy of the biologics. The packaging’s temperature regulating technology similar to the intelligence used to store cryogenic fluids.

This year, the AUCMA Arktek product created by Global Good – a joint venture by Intellectual Ventures and Bill Gates, was awarded prequalified stated by the World Health Organisation (WHO). This award is understood to simplify the product’s entry into emerging markets. Although the device is also present in more established markets, sometimes being utilised in live organ transport.

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