Top 10 reputations in pharma revealed

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The Reputation Institute has revealed the top 10 most reputable pharma companies as voted by the general public. In a surprising result, AstraZeneca and GSK both failed to make the top 10.

Abbvie emerged at the top of the ranking despite only launching less than five years ago. The failure from UK giants AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline to make the list was marked down to their struggle “…to make a positive impression on the UK and global general public, leaving people feeling neutral when asked if they would demonstrate supportive behaviors [towards them].”

Top 10 companies in the 2017 Global Pharma RepTrak

1 Abbvie

2 Novo Nordisk

3 Takeda

4 Roche

5 Janssen

6 Gilead

7 Bayer

8 Merck

9 Sanofi

10 Eli Lilly

The ranking’s scores were extremely competitive in the list with only 6.1 points parting top scoring AbbVie and Pfizer at the bottom of the pile. Around 54 per cent of the general public would definitely recommend AbbVie, Novo Nordisk and Takeda, compared to only 44 per cent who would do the same for Pfizer and GSK.

Reputation Institute’s research indicates that reputation directly drives business results. For companies with an average reputation only 23 per cent would buy it’s products; this grows to 39 per cent if the reputation is strong and increases to 77 per cent if the reputation is excellent.

 “It may be surprising to many that the industry has such a good reputation amongst the general public, however engaging positively and proactively has clearly paid off,” says James Bickford, Managing Director, Reputation Institute. “Interestingly, individual pharma companies have performed particularly well on perceptions of key competencies - products and services, innovation, and leadership. It is absolutely crucial that these companies are scoring highly on these dimensions, giving them their license to operate.”

Astrazeneca & GSK on average received neutral comments from the public. However, the two did gain excellent scores for their commitment to advances in treatments and cures.

 The Pharma RepTrak® measures the overall reputation of 17 pharmaceutical companies and then within seven categories: products / services, innovation, workplace, governance, citizenship, leadership and performance.

The study consists of over 16,500 reputation ratings collected during January and February 2017 from the general public who are somewhat or very familiar with companies. This takes place in eight key markets: Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK and US.