Compound Database Goes Live as Strategists Look to Plan Together

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Compound Database Goes Live as Strategists Look to Plan Together

LONDON, UK – 8th February 2010 –ChEMBLdb, an online database of information on the properties of more than half a million drug and drug-like small molecules and their targets, has been launched.

Hosted by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory's European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), this unique resource brings together information from the interface of the genome with chemistry into a set of 'chemogenomic' databases that can be used to help determine whether a particular molecule has the right properties to make an effective drug.

At the same time, an integrated resource for sequence, compound and screening data from a variety of sources for the protein kinases has been released.

As international companies continue to merge and globalise, creating the need for effective integration of compound management, automation and IT workflows, a wide scope of activity within the field is currently under way. There is awareness across the board that screening strategies are continuing to evolve, placing greater demands on managers, and the number of compound management customers is growing rapidly.

Meanwhile, management is forcing its compound teams to look at outsourcing opportunities and new analytical technologies like UPLC. Further to this, emerging biotherapeutics research require unique CM handling for higher weights, concentrations and screening methods.

In response, the world’s largest gathering of Compound and Sample Management specialists are to commune at Pharma IQ’s 7th Annual Compound Management and Integrity event being held this year in London.

The event, running from May 17th – 19th at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington, aims to help those in the industry tackle these challenges, such as in creating flexible, process driven compound management operations to meet evolving customer demands, as well as in using the right quality control and analytical tools to ensure successful screening results. The conference will also look to assist delegates in integrating workflows with discovery processes and teams to increase the management’s impact on research results.

The speaker panel includes:
Lola Jimenez-Alfaro, Manager, Sample Management Technologies, GlaxoSmithKline
Oliver Peter, Senior Lab Head, Drug Discovery Biology, HTS Group, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Ian Sinclair, QA Specialist, Global Compound Sciences, AstraZeneca
Dr Ingo Muckenschnabel, Laboratory Head, Analytics, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
Catherine Quintero, Senior Automation Engineer, Merck & Co.
Sarah Steklov, Group Leader, Discovery Operations, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

A number of leading companies in the industry are sponsoring the event, including Nexus Biosystems, RTS Life Science, and Zinsser Analytic.

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