10 Steps to Winning Pharmaceutical Business Online – Part 4

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Pharma IQ

This is the fourth part in our series that hopes to give you essential tips on how to grow the presence of your pharma business online. We can help make sure your message doesn’t get lost in the noisy online market place and give you effective ways to engage your B2B market. Pharma IQ’s editor, Andrea Charles, has almost a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and so has a great wealth of knowledge on the strategies that really work. The other articles in this series can be found in our pharma business resource centre and is, like all of our online content, completely free.

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Step 7 - Receive Your Leads

Build up your database with contact details including email, company, country and name and job titles of your leads. Plus any additional fields you have requested.

Step 8 – Follow up and engage with your audience

With all campaigns you need to understand how you will measure & monitor your online engagement.

“Our clients report direct, measureable success from whitepapers and webinars because they generate concrete leads. But they also have an additional, perhaps less tangible benefits, these formats educate a significantly large prospective audience and raise the awareness of your brand exponentially. And when you couple things like whitepapers and webinars with podcasts and videos built around a core message, you have a powerful combination to drive engagement with your audience.”
Bertran Halil, Online Director, Pharma IQ

“For any live activity we aim to deliver your leads with in 24 hours. The most important thing about any follow up is it must be timely”
Andrea Charles, Editor, Pharma IQ

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