Pharma Business Report Series -BRIC Clinical Trial Report Part 8

Pharma IQ

This is part 8 of Pharma IQ’s report based on the survey of hundreds of pharma business owners and professionals who are involved in clinical trials as part of their day to day work. The rest of the report can be found in our pharma business resource centre.

Pharmaceutical companies are also looking for ways to cut overages and saving money by successfully adopting S&OP processes drawn from commercial supply into a clinical setting.

Alex Klim, product manager for DHL Supply Chain’s Clinical Trials Logistics Service (CTL), said to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer: “In the BRIC territories the cost of not having drugs available for a patient once recruited is often countered by oversupplying; it is not unusual to have an overage of supply of about 280 per cent as a lot of the drug is put into each country to ensure there is no chance of not having the right drug when the patient turns up. As a result, tax and duty costs will be high but, more significantly, since they often have short shelf lives due to limited stability data, write-offs will not just include the production value of the drug and logistics cost, but also wasted tax and duty charges.”

BRIC solid investment

Despite these challenges the number of clinical trials being conducted in BRIC counties looks set to grow. Walls remarked: “I think they are growing more and more, you see more CROs. As more companies go to the emerging markets CROs offer more services.”

Over 70% of the survey participants thought that the BRIC countries were a solid investment for clinical trials, under 6% of respondents did not.

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