Pharma Business Report Series -BRIC Clinical Trial Report Part 3

Pharma IQ

This is part three of Pharma IQ’s report on the challenges and opportunities in clinical outsourcing. We hope our research will greatly help you and your pharma business, and you will find the rest of the report and much more in our pharma business resource centre.

Patient recruitment and cost-containment measures drive clinical outsourcing

Pharma IQ asked the survey participants which trends had had the biggest impact on clinical outsourcing moving to the BRIC regions, with nearly a quarter citing patient recruitment 23.7%, followed by pricing 22.0% and quality at 16.4%.

Mark Walls, Director of Clinical Pharmacy at Human Genome Sciences, said to Pharma IQ:“I think with the amount to pharmaceutical companies holding clinical trials in the US, it has just become inundated with trying to find the patients for your trials, or being able to find a specific population and the emerging markets have becoming very popular recently because there are potential cost advantages or there are patient populations that are not available in the US or Europe.”

Although figures differ, it is estimated that per patient costs could be cut by as much as 60 percent for clinical trials held in India and China, which conveniently are also among the most populous countries in the world. India open for opportunity

India is one of the hottest and favoured destinations for clinical research outsourcing and conducting global trials. As part of the study Pharma IQ asked participants to reveal which BRIC country they were prioritising for their own business. India was the clear frontrunner with over half the respondents choosing the country. The remaining respondents identified China 20.9%, Brazil 16.5% and Russia 10.4% respectively.

This is not surprising seeing as 53.5 of the survey participants choose India as the BRIC country with the greatest opportunities for clinical trials followed by China with 23.5%, Brazil 12.6% and Russia 10.4%

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