Pharma Business Report Series -BRIC Clinical Trial Report Part 4

Pharma IQ

This is part 4 of pharma IQ’s report into the challenges and opportunities in clinical trials. We hope that you find this report along with our whitepapers, webinars and articles helpful for your pharma business. For more information please visit our dedicated resource centre.

According to the RNCOS report entitled “The Booming Clinical Trials Market in India”, interest in India can be linked to several issues. The country has a large patient pool with both chronic and infectious diseases, meaning recruitment for trials is theoretically easier than in other areas. In addition, the operation of trials is possible at a lower cost.

"Moreover, the changing regulatory environment and introduction of a patent regime has also given a significant boost to the Indian clinical trial market," the report added. The country also has other benefits such as high levels of qualified English speaking personnel, which may not always be available in other high potential emerging countries. In an interview with Pharma IQ Dr. Rajendra Jani, Senior Vice President at Zydus Cadila, told Pharma IQ what he thought were the key seven attributes drawing pharmaceutical companies to India to conduct clinical trials, he said: “The list could be exhaustive, but growth drivers are 1. qualified English speaking manpower, 2. global medical practices, 3. medical infrastructure, 4. diverse, treatment naïve patient pool, 5. globally acceptable regulatory environment, consistent high quality and on time delivery.” Hesitant BRIC entry

Faced with a global economic cut backs and a Eurozone crisis, pharmaceutical and biotech organisations are investing further in emerging markets, but there is still some hesitation with regards to the challenges they present. Steven Jacobs, President, Global BioPharm Solutions, LLC, Chair Global Clinical Supplies Group, Inc. said to Pharma IQ “The BRIC countries studies are one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen and the reason for that is that they are the epitome of the pendulum, so I see certain companies really leveraging those opportunities but other companies talk about it, but don’t really do it.”

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