Pharma Market resources- Contract manufacturing Interview – Part 2

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Over the past 5 years decreasing profits have been seen across the pharma market. This has manufacturing and product costs under greater scrutiny and there has been an increase in the need for a reduction in the size and cost of internal manufacturing and sourcing of cheaper products from external parties. We asked three big names for their insight into this important issue their thoughts on this subject at our Global Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Conference event in 2012. For more information on this subject please visit the event resource centre filled with vital information to download free.

This is the second part in our interview with Jim Browne - GPCM Advisor at GlaxoSmithKline, Sascha Basten- Associate Director at MS-TechOps and Dr Ian Walker Head of Project Leadership at Acacia Pharma. For the other parts in the series, please visit our Pharma Market resource centre.

What do you think is the greatest trend in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing this decade?

J BrowneThe increased level of New Products being launched from Contract Manufacturers, and big pharma companies sourcing standard products from contract manufacturers for sale and market development in emerging markets.

S BastenOver the past years CMOs started efficiency programs like lean or 6 sigma. Out of this higher efficacy and subsequently free capacity will be generated. To utilize the new capacities and to cope with cost pressure, CMOs need to fill their sites either with additional products or by consolidating their own site network. The latter might not come soon; I expect it will be more likely at the end of this decade.

I WalkerThe recognition by mainstream integrated businesses that outsourcing can be a preferred manufacturing option, rather than one used purely as a contingency measure. This is reflected in the increased number of strategic partnerships with CMO’s.

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