Pharma Market resources- Contract manufacturing Interview – Part 3

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Pharma IQ is in an excellent place in the pharma market to note the biggest trends in the industry. As we hold between 50 and 100 conferences a year, we speak to hundreds of pharma professionals and see the development of their businesses over many years. Our research tells us that contract manufacturing, already a popular method of cost saving in pharmaceuticals will continue to rise in the future. This is part three in our interview series with knowledge leaders Jim Browne, GPCM Advisor at GlaxoSmithKline, Sascha Basten- Associate Director at MS-TechOps and Dr Ian Walker Head of Project Leadership at Acacia Pharma.

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With claims that India is moving towards ‘pharmaceutical superpower’ status, which emerging markets do you predict will see the most growth in 2012 and how will Europe and the US draw benefits from these changes?

J BrowneIndia has huge potential due to the large number of qualified Pharmacists and Chemists and the large investment in EU/US standard pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities over the past 7 years. However it must ensure that it can deliver consistent high quality to capitalise on this potential. India will continue to capture more of the Pharma Contracting market if its Quality standards are high, but China is also developing fast in this arena and will become a major CM player in the next 5 years.

US and European companies will source more products from the good quality manufacturers in these lower cost manufacturing countries

S BastenI agree to what was said above, and I would emphasise even a bit more. Even if India and China are not utilizing their full potential, they are hard to beat in terms of growth.

I WalkerGlobalisation of standards, and skills development and transfer will lead to greater acceptance of India and China CM’s as first choice options for outsourcing manufacture.

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