5 Key Take-aways from SmartLab Global Academy 2017

To wrap up SmartLab Global 2017, here are the top 5 take-aways from the event:

alok tyagi

 “IoT has evolved in the home, for consumers. Why can’t we apply IoT to the lab, where scientists are working to discover new medicines, design safer chemicals, and further our understanding of the world around us” - Alok Tyagi, TetraScience on the Path to Digital Transformation in Life Sciences

“To get best results out of external collaboration you need a software platform for exchange and management – and NOT email, sharepoint and excel” - Robert Brown, Dotmatics on Integrated Informatics for Biologics Discoveryrobert brown
steve hayward

“To leverage data we need to apply standards around data from instruments, materials, processes, and about the scientists etc., and then apply ontological standards”Steve Hayward, Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA on Simplifying Digital Strategies

“Designing a lab for the future is not about finding a use for new technology. It is about identifying operational changes that can promote your key business drivers, including Infrastructure, Processes, Human Resources & Business models and practices” - Dr Scott Weiss, IDBS on the Future of Lab Informatics

scott weiss
evan whitelock“To combat excursions and transport medicines safely and compliantly, end to end monitoring and easy and real-time access to data is critical” - Evan Whitelock, Aeris on Cool Chain Data Monitoring and IoT Connectivity

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