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Pharma Technology is driven at a pace never seen before. This is why we keep collecting resources for technology professionals in the pharma industry to help them make better, more informed, strategic decisions. Technology has become the lynchpin for the entire industry. There isn’t any area, any niche, any vertical in pharmaceuticals that could exist, thrive or even survive without technological development and investment.

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We organise 50+ pharma conferences globally each year. From Singapore through Dubai to London, from Basel through Berlin to Chicago and San Francisco, from logistics and temperature control to legal and regulatory affairs, from clinical trials to drug safety and lyophilisation, technology is a major part of the conference sessions. I have intentionally not mentioned our conferences on software design or Smartlabs, ELN and informatics. The fact that these topics require their own specialist international conferences shows how deeply embedded pharma technology now is in the whole of the industry. Hence the need for its own separate resource centre to give you free online resources and help you find the best offline resources to learn, benchmark, network and strategize with your peers.

Pharma Technology Conferences

As I mentioned before, technology runs deep in all our conferences as any agenda will testify, however, if you are looking for conferences specifically aimed at decision makers and solution provides in the pharma industry space, here are a couple you should download the agendas for. Software Design for Medical Devices Europe, Agile Software Development for Healthcare or the SmartLab Exchange would definitely be high on the agenda as this is where budget holders can see where the cutting edge of the industry currently is, this is where they can learn best practise and at the same time benchmark against their competitors. Additionally, this is where all pharma technology providers will put their best foot forward to help end-users find the best solutions to their challenges. The case-studies, tools and templates shared in these conferences as well as here on Pharma IQ will take years to become common practice.

Download our whitepapers, inforgraphics and also visit the conference resource centres for extensive coverage and in-depth analysis of the pharma technology niche.


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