SmartLab Global Academy: On-demand sessions

Where IT and Science Meet to Enhance Performance, Integration and Quality in the Laboratory

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SmartLab Global Academy is a complementary online series featuring live interactive webinars and on-demand sessions all focused on digital excellence within the laboratory. From the comfort of their office desks, attendees can view hand-picked case studies from pharmaceutical industry experts and thought leaders. 

Find below the on-demand sessions that featured in association with the Academy, the sessions were originally filmed on site at the 2017 US and European SmartLab Exchange. 

Tune-in from the 17th of November to access the Academy's online sessions on-demand. 

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IT Security – Interoperability & Data Integrity

Exploring the Potential of your Laboratory - Michael Shanler, VP Research, Gartner

Kick Start Collaboration and Productivity with Smart Lab Planning - Bernard t’Serstevens, Snr. Manager, International QC, GSK

Furthering The Potential of Your Lab

Sessions due for release on the 7th November 

Data Management: Standards and Compliance 

Sessions due for release on the 8th November 

IT Security - Interoperability, data integrity and security

Sessions due for release on the 9th November 

Connected Labs and Harnessing the Internet of Things

Sessions due for release on the 10th November