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Clinical Trial Supply: Trends & Practices 2012/2013

New Infographic: Building a Smartlab & Optimising Efficiency in 2013

Infographic: Do You Know the Cost of Predictive Toxicology?

Time is Running Out: Are You Ready For Serialisation?

Time is Running Out: Are You Ready For Serialisation?

What your priorities for your clinical trial supply in 2013? Download this report on Clinical Trial Supply: Trends & Practices 2012/2013 and find ways to reduce overage, leverage outsourcing opportunities & get to grips with GDP regulations.

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85.5% of smartlab users say cost is the number one obstacle when getting sign-off for new solutions. We surveyed our international network of data management and lab informatics professionals to find out which solutions they are likely to invest  in, to help them achieve an efficient lab in the most cost-effective manner. 

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Toxicity issues cost the pharmaceutical industry billions and have damaged many a company’s reputation. With budget cuts hitting hard in the R&D field, it is imperative to validate the worth of predictive methods as they continue to facilitate the reduction in late stage drug attrition.

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Pharma IQ conducted a survey of pharmaceutical manufacturers to find out if they would be compliant in time. The majority of  pharma manufacturers said they currently initiating their serialisation projects and they expect the implementation to take on average more than two years which is why they have to act now to make the deadlines?

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