Pharma invests in enhancing data analytics

Emily Shirrefs

With over 2.5million terabytes of data being created a day, the pharmaceutical industry explores how it can get smarter with data management

Process innovation and efficiency headlines every pharmaceutical company’s agenda and the biggest industry opportunity lies within data.

While other industries have incorporated strong data frameworks and analytical processes, no other industry deals with data that is as complex and sensitive as the pharma and healthcare industry.

Every company’s approach and system may differ and require detailed expertise on behalf of every analyst, process director or Chief Information Officer (CIO).

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Data Analytics for Pharma Development Forum

With a passion to develop a European network of committed, pioneering individuals to push the industry forward, the Data Analytics for Pharma Development Forum has a full spectrum program. Key topics covered include:

  •           Driving strategic decision making through innovative use of Real World Evidence
  •           Creating a ‘Process Excellence’ strategy around data analysis, with a view to translating these capabilities into process efficiencies
  •           Effectively integrating structured vs unstructured data to create an accurate picture of the developmental landscape
  •           IMI Real World Data Programmes – their value, their role and current European challenges
  •           The real industry impact of European regulatory developments such as GDPR
  •           Harnessing patient and provider information to drive industry improvement and create targeted development insights

The program is packed with concrete hints and tips from experts regarding the problems pharmaceutical and healthcare companies face  in all stages of data system implementation.

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