[Report] Everything you need to build a Smart Lab

Find out how Pfizer, Novartis, IDBS, ThermoFisher and Dassault built smarter research environments

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The way that we work is changing.

We’re on the cusp of smarter research environments and unprecedented breakthroughs with big data, paperless processing, automation and integrated management systems.

But how do we get there?

In a recent webinar, our Pharma IQ audience shared that 37% of them at right at the start of their digitalization journey and 21% are struggling to find success.

In this report, we bring together the insights of our Smart Lab industry experts to show you how to successfully build a smarter research environment.

Expect insight from:

  • April Pisek and Unjulie Bhanot, Solution Consultants at IDBS on how to build a smart lab from the ground up, the processes to focus on and the real impact of inefficiency in the lab
  • Marc Siladi, Data Analytics Product Manager at ThermoFisher Scientific on steps to future proof your lab to match the pace of innovation
  • Steven Brown, Global NTO Data Integrity Team Lead at Novartis and Daniela Janssen, Director of Product Marketing at Dassault Systemes on how to build data integrity into your smart lab systems and make compliance far easier for your team
  • Christopher Boone, Big Data Analysis Lead at Pfizer and Ashley George, CFO and Co-Founder of the Pistoia Alliance on how to tackle objections in your organizations and get buy-in during your digital transformation

This is your guide to driving innovation and efficiency with intelligent solutions.

Download your copy now to find out more!